Master Carpenter and Woodworker


"Nature, above all else, is my greatest inspiration. I love to work within the life of limbs and leaves."


I am an artisan woodworker, a primitive skills teacher, and tracker.

I grew up in Wisconsin where my love for nature blossomed. To touch its spirit and witness the inter-connectedness of life makes me feel alive and my lifelong love of the arts heavily influences my work. I'm formally trained as an architect and have spent most of my life making things in one form or another with a goal to offer my knowledge and craftsmanship with special attention to the space my works will live within.

Whether the need is for drawings to convey my clients' vision of their space or to utilize my furniture making skills to integrate aspects of their living spaces, it is my hope to bridge its connection to nature. I spend as much time in nature as my schedule allows, and can be found after work teaching nature awareness and primitive skills to children and willing adults. I enjoy life with my wife, our two sons and our several pets in Collinsville, CT.


Formal Trainings

SCAD/ Savannah School Art Design -  Savannah, Georgia
University of Wisconsin School of Architecture
NOLS / National Outdoor Leadership School
Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School - Pine Barrens, NJ
Jaguar Path Yoga & Shamanism - Lenox, MA


Scott Cork Design Build Background

In 2006, Scott created Scott Cork Design Build after working in architecture, construction, and gaining extensive experience with custom woodworking. He studied at Savannah College of Art & Design, earned a degree in architecture at the University of Wisconsin, and spent several years at very busy architectural firms in Chicago, Colorado & Connecticut. Scott's lifelong love of the arts heavily influences his work.  

Scott began building custom furniture in Wisconsin, formally trained after high school. He is often hired to utilize his furniture-making skills - integrating hand built custom furniture as counter tops, tables, bathroom vanities, wine cellars, even children's furniture into the heart of people's homes. His medium for these applications is often large, live slabs of wood but he also enjoys working with refined, clean lines allowing the wood to stand on it's own, to speak for itself. A master carpenter, Scott pays special attention to the space the work will live within and to the synergy of the people occupying the space. 

Scott is also an alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School, an expert tracker, a primitive skills survival teacher and a shamanic healer. His love of nature is threaded through all of his offerings.